Who we are

IRK Promotion was born with the joint venture of TBKART and IRK Promotion SSD; the force joining between the two companies has the goal to organize premium rental karting championships, in endurance and sprint formats.

TBKART is an italian kart constructor, which success has been consolidated in time.
The direct assistance of the constructor in all the events is a warranty of quality and performance, a fundmental aspect when the performance equlibration is essential.

IRK Promotion SSD is a rental karting events organiser that built increasingly its credibility in the italian rental karting market, building trust from drivers, teams and facilities reached in the several events organised.

Our values, the foundations of what we do:



IRK Promotion is a young company, made by motorsport enthusiasts and oriented to rental karting.

The goal of the company is to improve the rental karting compartment by providing more performing karts compared to the market basis, and implementing innovative solutions to provide customers with an innovative race experience.


We want to bring rental karting events to a whole new level, adopting a precise and rigorous race management, with shared choices but clear, listening to our customers, acting in a clear and trasparent way.

Enhancing rental karting as a place to share one passion, pushing relationships, is a fundmental point of our work in which we believe as much as the tecnical and sporting efforts.