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IRK Promotion was born to bring rental karting events to a new level: starting from our experience and vision, passionate about racing, we organize races and events with the goal to make rental karting more professional and challenging.

Are you a club, a race track or simply do you want to organize an event with rental karts and you don’t know how to do it?

Contact us and we will help you developing your racing idea.

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R-One fleet

A fleet of 35 powerful and versatile karts for your events.
The R-One kart is a safe and reliable vehicle, ideal both for beginners and more demanding drivers.

R-One: breaking conventions with Innovation!

R-One is the new rental model by TBKART.

It’s a safe, reliable and fun kart, thanks to the precise front-end that makes every turn an emotion to live.

R-One redefines the concept of rental karting, providing a return to the beginning in terms of driveability and sensations transmitted to the driver.

Main features

Honda Engine
390cc 18cv
Racing brake system
50 mm axle

R-Max Fleet

30 premium rental karts to give more value to your events.
The R-Max kart is engineered for all those drivers that want more than the average 4-stroke rental karts.

R-Max: high performances and extra adrenaline!

R-MAX is the top level model of the rental range by TBKART.

It’s a high performances and high reliability vehicle, allowing even the less experienced drivers to become true kart drivers; safety is the main value of this product thanks to the most advanced solutions adopted for shock absorbing.

This kart is so exciting to test your limits and get out of your comfort zone.

Main features

Rotax Engine
125 cc 23 cv
Racing brake system
50 mm axle