R-ONE Championship is the endurance solution for the drivers looking for a quality shift in endurance events.

The added value of this championship is offering races more exciting and challenging.

Thanks to the meticulous development work done by TBKART in association with a number of endurance karting experts in the last months, the new R-One model was born.

The R-One fleet is dedicated exclusively to the R-ONE Championship.

A team of high end mechanics will maintain the technical aspects and performance equilibration of the fleet, to reach a constant goal: providing to all the race teams the best performance.

The race format is characterized by the draw of a single kart to each team for all the event duration. A return to the roots that will give to the teams more strategy control and race management flexibility.

Are you ready for this challenge?


R-ONE Championship Round 7


R-ONE Championship Round 8

Circuito di Siena



Fill the form for the championship subscription and by paying the 120,00€ fee you will take part to the final classification, gain access to the prize pool and you will have priority on subscription to every round within one month from the event.

Sure, the subscription is open to everyone.

Once the priority for the teams racing in the previous event is over, it will be possible to subscribe. By filling the form of the chosen event you will be enabled to participate until sold out is reached.

In order to optimize costs and to make the championship even more various, we decided to insert double rounds into some events.

For example during the first event, the first round will be a 4 hourse race; at the end of it, there will be a break and then a 6 hours race will star as second round.

Given the return to single kart per team in each event, it will be possible to customize the graphics of the karts.

Some areas to customize will be determined: request the graphic template file and make unique your team’s kart.

In order to enter the events it’s mandatory to own a LKR ASI-ACI license and a medical certificate.

The license is obtainable by our organizatino with a 40,00€ fee (fixed price).

As organization we can rent race suits and helmets upon request.

R-One: breaking conventions with Innovation!

R-One is the new rental model by TBKART.

It’s a safe, reliable and fun kart, thanks to the precise front-end that makes every turn an emotion to live.

R-One redefines the concept of rental karting, providing a return to the beginning in terms of driveability and sensations transmitted to the driver.

Main features

Honda Engine
390cc 18cv
Racing brake system
50 mm axle