R-MAX Championship is the brand new sprint championship with arrive&drive formula, assuring to medium-experienced drivers high performance levels and unique emotions.

The race format is inspired to the ones with 2-stroke engines.

The timetable of each round includes pre-race briefing, timed practice and qualification heats. Then the races enter their decisive phase: finals for all the drivers.

The main character of the championship is TBKART RMAX: the most agile, light and performing model of the Rental Karting line by TBKART, powered by the 2-stroke 23 hp Rotax Max engine.

It’s a unique kart, providing high performances and pure adrenaline with maximum safety standards.

What are you waiting? Places are limited.




Fill the form for the championship subscription and by paying the 120,00€ fee you will take part to the final classification, gain access to the prize pool and you will have priority on subscription to every round within one month from the event.

Sure, the subscription is open to everyone.

Once the priority of the drivers registered to the championship is over, it will be possible to subscribe; by filling the form of the chosen event it will be possible to subscribe until sold out is reached.

At the end of the championship the best 6 results of the season will be consdiered.

In order to enter the events it’s mandatory to own a LKR ASI-ACI license and a medical certificate.

The license is obtainable by our organizatino with a 40,00€ fee (fixed price).

As organization we can rent race suits and helmets upon request.

R-Max: high performances and extra adrenaline!

R-MAX is the top level model of the rental range by TBKART.

It’s a high performances and high reliability vehicle, allowing even the less experienced drivers to become true kart drivers; safety is the main value of this product thanks to the most advanced solutions adopted for shock absorbing.

This kart is so exciting to test your limits and get out of your comfort zone.

Main features

Rotax Engine
125 cc 23 cv
Racing brake system
50 mm axle